AJAX Development

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a dynamic programming system used to create Web applications. The superior interactivity of the AJAX interface bridges the gap between traditional desktops and Web applications. Speed, interactivity, and usability are all greatly increased by implementing AJAX technology to develop web applications. AJAX has been shown to improve the web applications whether they are for small, or larger, more complex businesses.

Essentially, AJAX combines a variety of programming and development technologies to increase the pace of web development. AJAX allows developers to create more dynamic and influential web applications.

WDG Cedar Hill Tx And Dallas Tx’s developers commonly use AJAX to develop applications for use in ecommerce as the AJAX shopping cart system enhances the user’s online shopping experience.

  • Standards-based presentation with XHTML & CSS
  • Data management and interchange using XML & XSLT
  • Real-time form data validation
  • Java script integration
  • Asynchronous data retrieval
  • Innovative user interface controls

The concept of web page reloads has been shattered with the introduction of AJAX. The ability to send and receive data without needing to reload the entire page is seen as a major time saving benefit to developers around the world. Dynamic web pages employing AJAX heighten the user experience, as the more refined attributes are easier to apply using current web standards. The technological advantage of the advanced functionality proves that AJAX is more than suitable for substituting the development of strong we applications.

WDG Cedar Hill Tx And Dallas Tx has been using AJAX to develop web applications such as image galleries, content management systems and much more. Please view our development portfolio to learn more about our experience and expertise using AJAX.

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No Need for Reload with AJAX

Clients using AJAX for their web pages don’t need a page refresh to update data – that’s one of the reasons why it’s popular with them and their customers. Talk to one of our AJAX specialists today and see how this popular programming system can work wonders for you.
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