Ruby on Rails

The Basecamp project was the theory behind developing Ruby on Rails. As an opensource web application, Ruby on Rails (RoR) uses the Ruby programming language as its source, but is free and open to the public.

Designed for the rapid deployment of web applications, Ruby on Rails uses the Model View Controller Architecture (MVC), keeping the date spate from the programming logic. Ruby comes with an easy to access library database along with an extensive AJAX library for rapid AJAX code and Java Script development.

WDG Cedar Hill Tx And Dallas Tx uses the Ruby framework to promote rapid application development, faster even than PHP or similar web development technologies available today. Develpoers prefer using the RoR framework for creating web applications due to its economical use of time and code writing. Additionally, RoR allows the reuse of code for other projects, further saving time, which in turn saves our clients money.

Our talented and experienced team of RoR programmers and developers are committed to designing highly functional and reliable applications by collaborating and working side-by-side with our customers.

Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails

  • Rapid development, deployment and maintenance of web applications
  • Programmers don’t need to start from scratch writing code on every project
  • Based on the MVC architecture
  • Easy to maintain
  • RoR developers are constantly adding to the value of the framework because of its opensource nature
  • Integrates easily with SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, and PostgreSQL
  • RoR Ajax is a basic function for developing web RIA (Rich Internet Application)

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Ruby on the Rails is Rapid Fast

Faster than a speeding PHP site, RoR can be developed and implemented quickly, saving time and money. Our team of experts are ready to work with you to deploy Ruby on the Rails for your business – call us today for a free consultation.
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