Template Design

A template design is a pre-designed website geared for you to insert your text or content as you see fit. Web site templates are designs that are easily customized to reflect your company's brand. Even relative newcomers to Flash design or up-and-coming webmasters will be able to get a highly professional Flash site at an extremely low price. Web design templates feature various types of design and implementation, such as:

  • HTML Templates - Templates created with HTML code
  • PSD Templates – Templates that contain no code - just PSD files and graphics
  • Flash Templates - Templates created with Flash
  • Flash Intro Template - Templates of an introductory video or animation created with Flash

All of our design templates are designed and created with superior quality and ease of use in mind.

WDG NYC creates functional and scalable template designs that are visually appealing and tailored to your specific needs. We have created exceptional templates for countless businesses and never reuse a design.

Here are the features of templates that we use to create your website:

  • HTML code
  • PSD template file =
  • Thumbnail image of the template
  • Images and graphics
  • File naming protocols
  • GIF template file
  • Cascading Style Sheets

Our web templates are a perfect blend of innovation, cleanliness, and the quality. Our design team is filled with experts at graphic design, creativity and functionality.

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Web Templates Are Easy and Professional

If you are on a budget, our professionally designed web templates are a viable option for your business. Completely customizable, yet very user-friendly, these Flash templates give you pro results no matter what your level of experience. Are you ready for your templates? Call us today!
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