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PHP based opensource content management system (CMS) Mambo is easy to use, even for entry-level designers, to create ecommerce sites as well as any other websites. Mambo offers the strength and flexibility necessary to handle complex web applications.

Mambo has all the features normally found in high end CMS, but because it is an opensource platform, you get the added cost saving benefits. Packed will extensible templates and the ability to upload multiple data types, Mambo also manages user entries, approvals, admin control, and scheduling. Because of its opensource nature, new features and extensions are constantly being added.

Mambo has become a valued resource in the web development community due to its superior features and its ability to handle complex solutions for growing or large enterprises. As more and more complex sites are added to the web each day, Mambo has displayed its ability to easily handle even the most complex tasks.

Based on PHP and MySQL, Mambo’s advanced features simplify site functionality for more efficient results. Compatible with Joomla 1.0, Master Mambo is a high-level guide to the most functional and reliable Mambo features. Master Mambo provides you with the ability to create powerful, interactive and dynamic websites with ease.

  • Blogs
  • RSS
  • Capture Page
  • Web indexing static pages
  • Internationalization language or language packs
  • Polls

Our dedication to the Mambo Project

We develop custom, on-demand Mambo websites. Installation, configuration, and personalized service are the hallmarks of our Mambo development team, but we also offer:

  • Integrating modules per customer requirements
  • Modification of existing content
  • Integrating new designs

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Mambo Development
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Easy-to-use yet very flexible and powerful, many admins are choosing Mambo for their CMS. The steps are simple and we’ll take the lead. Call us today and we can discuss if Mambo works for you.
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