Mobile Game Deveopment

A mobile game is essentially a video game created for mobile phones. Various types of games have been created that can also work on computers and game consoles as well.

The basics of a game are collision detection or a physics engine or collision detection, artificial intelligence, localization support, a rendering engine for 2D or 3D graphics, memory transmission, animation, sound, a scene graph and networks. The development process is often expedited in large part, through the adaptation and/or reuse of the same or similar games, to create new games.

At WDG Cedar Hill Tx And Dallas Tx, we provide the highest-quality mobile game development services and do so at extremely affordable rates. We use many techniques and tools that help in developing amazing game engines.

Development Tools We Use

3D Studio Max – Developed by Autodesk, 3D Studio Max is a suite of modeling, rendering and animation software. The modeling capabilities create flexible plugin architecture and can be used with the Microsoft Windows platform.

Autodesk Maya – 3D computer graphics which run on Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows, allow our developers to work in a virtual world to create scenes that can be saved in various formats. Maya has its own cross-platform scripting language; Maya. This helps in customizing the software's basic functions.

Adobe Flash – This has made online gaming skyrocket. Flash ActionScript is the object-oriented language in Flash which makes it so powerful. Interactive games are created in Flash, as well as Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

Cocos2d – Is an essential framework of open-source 2D gaming that is widely used in the development of mobile games. There are two versions; one written in Objective C iOS and one written in Python.

Unit – Unit is an incorporated authoring tool for generating 3D video games or other interactive content, and is used as a "develop once, publish everywhere!" model Contact us today for a Free, no obligation mobile game development consultation.

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