Smarty Development

Smarty is a template engine that compiles templates into PHP scripts, helping reduce or eliminate the high cost of analyzing each template as they are accessed. This unique ability makes Smarty scalable enough to accommodate large applications and heavy Internet traffic. At WDG NYC, our Smarty design and development teams can create and customize Smarty templates to suit your online business needs.

Valuable features of Smarty development:

  • Extremely fast and easy to customize
  • Caching support already built-in
  • Efficient, easily interprets dirty work
  • No parsing of templates, only compiles them one time
  • Extremely extensible language
  • Easy to create custom functions and variable modifiers
  • Smarty only recompiles modified template files
  • Allows PHP code embedding

WDG NYC dedicated team of PHP Web developers can easily tune the Smarty Plug-in coding for designing Smarty templates.

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Eliminate the high-cost of analyzing templates with this hot new engine. It’s extremely fast and efficient and can help save you money. Talk to one of our web developers about installing the Smarty Plug-in for your templates – we offer a free consultation.
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