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WDG NYC offers third-party payment option gateway integration solutions for simple but reliable eCommerce businesses. The most import factor for any ecommerce business is allowing customers to shop and pay for their purchase with ease and security. The virtual shopping cart is an integral part of ecommerce and the payment development experts at WDG NYC can help you find the perfect payment solution for your business. X-Cart eCommerce shopping cart software solutions have gained popularity because of the advanced features allowing for a highly-customized shopping cart. X-Cart is an opensource software platform providing provisions for editing code. You can change the functionality and feel of the shopping carts depending on what you need and want.

PHP based X-Cart software is primarily used for customization and flexibility nature. MySQL database manages the data, making it search engine friendly.

  • Incorporated Rich features incorporated
  • Written in PHP/MySQL using the Smarty template
  • Used in software development

Our personalized X-Cart customization services:

  • Custom X-Cart Module Development
  • Custom X-Cart Component Development
  • Customizable Product List
  • PayPal Payment Settings
  • Personalized Searcht
  • Document Management using X-Cart modules and components

Why use WDG NYC for X-Cart Customization?

  • Well-versed in X-Cart Development
  • Expertise with the X-Cart Framework
  • Expertise Customizing X-Cart Equipment
  • Affordable and Effective
  • Daily Progress Reportst
  • X-Cart Website Development Expertise
  • Rapid Development

Because of our in-depth experience using and implementing the X-Cart framework, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality shopping carts for your all you ecommerce needs. Opensource project development is one of areas of expertise and we offer a host of personalized service packages to suit any need.

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xCart Development
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X-Cart is perfect for PHP-based websites and its MySQL Databases are SEO-friendly. It’s simple and reliable. Call us now to discuss if X-Cart is a good fit for your business.
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