Efficient coding and stunning design from PSD to XHTML / CSS paired with browser compatibility and validated with W3C standards, distinguishes WDG Cedar Hill Tx And Dallas Tx from its competitors.

We are skilled in designing templates, themes, and skins, using WordPress, Joomla and Magento.

Our coding specialists excel in PSD to HTML coding and do so to W3C standards. We also clearly understand cross-browser compatibility.

Being professional coders, we fully realize and implement easy-to-edit PSD to HTML coding. Because of this, we do clear, concise encoding, keeping the code in the proper order so that current and future webmasters can easily modify the code as needed.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Our XHTML coders make sure that your site is fully compatible with all the major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. They also work seamlessly within Windows, Mac and Linux. iPhone, iPad and Android are quickly being implemented as well.

W3C Coding

We produce PSD to HTML codes which are completely up-to-date and comply with W3C standards.

Search Engine Optimized Coding

WDG Cedar Hill Tx And Dallas Tx is extremely skilled and experienced in coding with search engine optimization in mind at all times. The more search engine optimized your site’s code is, the more relevant traffic you receive. We proudly and consistently produce that result.

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